how to use USB gamepad in C# - c#

I just started C# programming and I am a beginner. please help.
I want to use usb gamepad in my project. For example, an action can be performed by pressing the circle key.
But I don't know what to do and which library, methods and classes to use.!!!!
I would be grateful if someone could send a very simple source with the libraries used.
I read this link but did not understand anything
Obtaining input from Joystick with C# and DirectX using Tutorial


Are there any resources that show the implementation of a webcam as a windows application for AR foundation or Vuforia?

I am trying to connect a webcam into Unity and track faces. This is for placing 3d models such as "vtuber" faces or a whole character body as an AR implementation into the webcam. I don't necessarily want to use it for a mobile app (it is made to be used in Windows). Btw I am not good at C# scripting myself. Are there any guides or tutorials that can help me understand how it is done? Hope you understood what I am getting at. Any help is appreciated!

How to get WiFi-Signal Strength with Unity engine and C# on Android?

I need the WiFi strength of nearly access points to triangulate the position of the Android device user and show him the part of the building, he is located at the moment. It's for a location based game for new students at my university. There are easy ways with Java or Xamarin and C#, but i couldn't find a way to solve the problem using the Unity engine and C#. It there a way to get it?
I have a complete Android solution in Java from a fellow student and i tried to use AndroidJavaObjects to use that in my program, but without success. It seems to be too complex for that. Are there maybe other ways to use that Java Android code in Unity?
Thanks in advance for the help.

Camera Capture with External Camera with C#

I have a Nikon D90 connected to my laptop via USB. I need to be able to simply trigger the camera to capture an image via C#.
This seems like it should be an easy problem but I have been drowning trying to figure it out...
Can anyone point me in the right direction?
You would need Nikon's SDK to accomplish that. What you're after is a remote control function for your camera. Nikon is offering their SDK for free but there's a lengthy T&C, a learning curve and a hunt for the C# wrapper so it's not a trivial task.

Calculate Free Disk Space On Ipad / Iphone Using Unity (C#)

I have been looking through a lot of different place to find a way to check how much space a user has on his device.
I am developing a game with Unity (C#) for Ipad and I would like to check how much space is available before writing my save game.
This post seems to be the most popular : How to detect total available/free disk space on the iPhone/iPad device?
Unfortunately this is Objective-C and I am way too noob / junior to use it.
I know there are some API available (U3DXT is one of them), but I can't find a way to convert it or make it work. I am not an engineer, so please excuse me in advance if I don't use the correct words to explain what I'd like to do.
If someone could point me in the right direction or have an existing script in C# I could use. I know that DriveInfo.GetDrives() doesn't work on PC, but I saw somewhere it could be working on Mac (Ipad?). At least I will try it.
Thanks in advance.
Check this for iOS native
and then call this function from unity3d c#

C# Gamepad Input/Output Class

I am trying to design a little program that takes input from two PS2 controllers from a USB converter. I would like to take input from all the buttons including pressing the joysticks in (L3, R3), and the joysticks position, and whether the analog is on. I would also like to send feedback back to the controllers and run the two vibration motors and possibly control the LED for analog.
What I'm looking for is a C# source code file that can do it all or an already compiled all-in-one DLL or even a beginners tutorial.
You will likely need to develop a .NET library of your own to interface with a PlayStation controller, and this could get pretty involved. This article can help get you started. Good luck!
Check out this project:
Also read:
Not the entire book but parts that are relevant for what you need.